Design, Fabrication and Restoration        

Bruce Wyman builds things.  With his expertise, his 35 years experience, and his well-equipped shop he is capable of building just about anything out of anything (metal, wood, plastic, sheet metal or whatever).

He can create a race car, a bus, a model for the courtroom, a model for the museum, a model for the coffee table, a prototype for an inventor.

Cars, trucks, boats, an English taxicab

Other machining talents:  Welding, milling, creating patterns for casting, R&D.

Most of the project pages contain memoirs and details of the project in the words of Bruce.  If you are a fan of missions impossible, or one who is into the fabrication of anything out of anything, check out his writings.  

My current favorite exerpt (from the '27 Chevy Roadster): "I machined up and adapted an early overdrive into the torque tube. This gives me a cruising speed of 65. It also provides 6 forward speeds as well as 2 in reverse. People look at you funny when you up shift going backwards."

I repeat, look for the pages that contain the details of the project in the words of Bruce Wyman.     gh