Hiller Helicopter


      Late in 1988 Mr. Stanley Hiller came to me inquiring if I could and would build him a replica of his 1946 Model J-10 helicopter. The significance of the J-10 was that it was the first helicopter ever to fly using a jet blast at the tail instead of the conventional tail rotor. The original ship and all that went with it were long gone, save for a small plaster model.  As we no longer had any drawings I was really on my own. We didn't even know exactly what size the original aircraft was.  But our luck changed!  Found in a warehouse was an original FH 1100 mast and rotor blades. These were identical to the one used on the J-10.  I now had a way of determining the exact size of the ship as well an original set of blades. I went to work.  The project spanned three years, actually it was 66 weeks of intense building.  The original aircraft was set up for a Franklin 6-cylinder engine mounted vertically, soon to be changed to a turbine. At the time of completion we had not yet secured an engine and the helicopter went on display in the Hiller Aircraft Museum where it is presently. The rotor span is 35 feet. The fuselage is 22 feet. Total weight is 1050 Lbs. With it's polished alloy body it is quite spectacular. At the time of completion it was the most challenging project I had ever undertaken. I'm rather proud of it.     BW